Why US?

In a world where international communication and connectivity is becoming the rule rather than the exception, companies can rely on the expertise of professionals from all over the world.

Our long-term contracts with our clients are proof of their confidence in us and a testament to the commitment to enhance and improve their business enabling the clients to grow revenues and maximize profits.


Here at E-Data Services, we possess:

  • Wealth of experience, 16+ years of successfully running an outsourcing company
  • Fully satisfied customer-based environment
  • Our team of experienced accountants and data entry specialists are fully trained to handle any magnitude of assignment
  • Time difference between U.S. and Pakistan is conducive to a rapid turnaround of work, frequently completed overnight.
  • Dedicated local U.S. area code telephone number so they reach us at any time 
  • Dependable, accurate and honest service
  • Very competitively priced
  • Urgency and accuracy is our strength
  • English is the official language of Pakistan and is the primary language utilized in schools.
  • Abundance of highly qualified accountants and other professionals that are immediately available for employment.